Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The salad on the back porch. And 2 other little delights.

Me: If I make a salad will anyone else eat it?

Hejjo: I will.

Felix: Nope

Lina: Mommy, I don't want that salad. Instead, can I have some of the salad from the back porch?

Me:  Ok. Would anyone else rather have some of the salad from the back porch?

Because when you have a large family, a smallish fridge, and it's cold enough put the leftovers on the refrigeration, via nature.

Spaghetti Sauce, Kapusta, and some potato and veggie salad. I have no idea what's in that jar there. Probably about time to clean out the fridge back porch. Our poor, poor neighbors.

A video of what it looked like outside our bedroom on New Year's Eve. This video has some of the fireworks and some of the Lampiony (little hot air :balloons" you make yourself) that were released. All of this went on for about an hour and at times the entire horizon was lit up. It was amazing.

And one of our favorite renditions of an old Polish Christmas Carol that is played several times a day. Kacio loves it.


  1. Even though it's just the two of us, our balcony is often filled with fridge overflow this time of year. I find that I really miss having this option in the summer!

    1. We actually have another fridge downstairs but I don't want to use it unless I have to. We keep it turned off to save money. The back porch option is great!