Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some things.

We were walking in a little town today called Dobczyce. On the sidewalk in front of us was a dog with no owner, chewing on the raw leg of a pig, hoof and all.*

An entire line of cars was being held up - beginning with a bus and a concrete truck - by an old, old, old, man, on a bicycle. This was funnier than the dog with the pig leg. You had to be there.

I have not gone on a single outing in the car here without seeing a man urinating in public. Most of them were drunk, I hope.

And yet I don't hope. You see a lot of drunk people here. Mostly men. And they are everywhere. It's not necessarily because Poland has more alcoholics than other countries, I don't know and don't care to find out the stats on that. It's just because there are more people out and about I suppose. You just see more of life here. And that life includes men who are drunk my 11am on a Thursday morning. It's sad. Sigh.

And speaking of  drunks and other things you wish your children didn't see on a daily basis... billboards here are scan.da.lous. Scandalous. And you know whats even funnier. Twice now I have seen entire ads on billboards either be officially censored with signs over the offensive body parts, or simply scratched out by the locals. Awesome. Awesome, I say! Good for them for standing up for they believe in. Both ads were ones that I was personally hoping the children wouldn't see, but alas they are exactly the ones they giggle and point at. Double sigh.

And speaking of Puritanism being in my bones, what with being American and all that. Can you believe that crazy election in America?! Clearly Puritanism is not running rampant over there. Triple sigh.

Now that I'm all "sighed" out I will replace the sighs with an "awww."

Someone turned two yesterday...

  An apple pie, with a flame-kissed crust. Because we have a lot of apples.

And there could only be one thing better than that to make me go "awww" and that would be a new niece or nephew... WHICH I HAVE!!!

And she is the most beautiful, tiniest thing,I have ever seen over Skype in my life. She will not be tiny when I get to hold her for the first time but that doesn't mean she can't wear my hand knits or get to know me over the computer gosh darn it.

Spoiler alert, Teresa, but I had to put a photo of *something* I made. 

*GGGGRRRRBBBBLLLLEEEESSSSS... Martin is MAKING me add that *of course* it was a a pig leg form a butcher's shop and the owner of the shop had given it to the dog as a treat. It was not as if, and I quote, "the dog had gone out and slaughtered some pig and dragged it's carcass onto the main square and everyone was ok with that." It is a regular country after all.


  1. zapraszam po odbiór wyróżnienia i do zabawy:


    (I hope your husband will help you :) )

    1. Thank you for passing it along... I will do my best.

  2. Olivia,
    You have to email me, did I tell you our move to Peru is back on, and in less than two months time : (
    So.. I'd be happy to pick your brain over a few things if you'd let me : )
    -Heather (Ps - could not find your email anywhere on the site...)

  3. email is in the about me section... I hope... I'll have to check that now.

    Oh my goodness! Moving to Peru?! Well, that's awesome and exciting and scary all at the same time. I hope it's a happy move. Any time you wan to email I'm here. olivia.demkowicz @ yahoo .com

    Write soon!

  4. The booties are Soooooo cute! I can't wait to see them and put them on her feet. Love them. And thank you to Martin for clarifying. I figured that was the case but I couldn't help picturing a rabid dog mawling a pig leg. It IS Europe after all and not so far from Germany, the home of the Brothers Grimm.....