Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Internet troubles.

I have many things to post. Pictures and words together. But I can't get any pictures to upload, the internet is just so slow right now ad Martin has to have it for work, so I can't bog it down. I hope to work on it later this week.

Peace be with you.


  1. hello olivia! this is olenka with a question about visiting krakow. i have a family friend - a school teacher from ireland who would like to take his class of 14/15 year olds to krakow for winter break in february (when he told me this my jaw dropped - they will be frozen! but i'm sure you'll have acclimated by then :) always hopeful!

    anyway - in thinking of things for him to do besides the usual sightseeing of the old town and castle would you know of a local high school that may want to share a day of cultural exchange? possibly play a game of indoor soccer or some kind of activity?

    i will definitely send them in the direction of that science museum you posted about - that looks incredible!

    i completely sympathize with you about the winter and ackowledge how beautifully you're handling it all. there's nothing like having a good laugh. greetings to you all. and if happen to visit family in poznan i may just take one of those long long train rides to krakow and visit :)all the best - olenka

    1. btw the way - email is