Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just for fun - Lego displays of old Poland

I have to share these photos with you. A couple weeks ago Martin and I took the kids to the city engineering museum. That is where we got the video of me on the hamster wheel and Lina riding the elevator. Those exhibits, along with some vintage trams and cars, and some outdoor interactive physics displays for children, and vintage printing presses (my personal favorite) are permanent exhibits. In addition, as with may museums, they rotate temporary displays. We went especially for this last display. It was all made out of Lego's. SO of course we had to go, and it did not disappoint. I want to share the ones that I think ya'll might enjoy. 

Martin remembers Pewex vividly. He says it was the only place during Communism where you could actually buy Lego's and yet they were so expensive that no one actually ever bought them. He just remembers how colorful the whole store was and how amazing it all seemed. Bright and happy...and unattainable.  .

Construction workers eating kielbasa, playing cards, and drinking.

A baby learning to walk. Just thought that was cute. :)

Drug store.

"Milk Bar" Good, cheap, home cooked Polish food. Martin and i still go to the one downtown that was one of the only ones open, that he remembers, during Communism. It has great food, and so inexpensive. Good for students. (at least it used to be, I am assuming that now they can get cheaper food at McDonalds, but not as tasty!)

Building a Blok.

Notice the line outside the door of the "spolem" (which looks like "footem"). An old Communist grocery chain 

Graffiti on the wall. Says "I love Monica" on the left and "George is dumb" on the right.

And, just for fun... these were rooms set up to show scenes.

...the "night after?" Love the chicken box.
 Clearly all the pink has gone to her head.

And, because I haven't lost all my sense of humor with this move...

...she's been naaaaauuuuugh-tay.


  1. Great photos! TY for sharing these!! I remember Pewex and Bar Mleczny:) Was always going to Bar Mleczny with my grandma and having leniwe:) ...ohh...memories...

    Workers eating kiełbasa and playing cards...all well arranged, one is working the rest is resting:D

    ...and the horse wagon:))) I actually remember them being in use in bigger cities:)

    ...last photo is funny...yea, she just slaughtered her teddy bear :)

    1. It's true, killing a teddy bear is a mortal sin in Lego land.

      Yes, the workers were my favorite. ;)

  2. This is hilarious. I'm not sure which one is my favorite. The crazed girl in the pink room might be the best.

  3. Hi Olivia, this is fantastic! I would love to know where exactly I can find this. Where is this city engineering museum, is it in the states or in Poland?

    1. Unfortunately this display only ran until September 15th here in Krakow at the Electrical Engineering Museum.

    2. Ah okay, too bad. I'll see if their website has some more photos perhaps... but thanks for letting me know! ^_^

    3. Is this the one by chance?

    4. You know what, I'll look around for some info. on the group that put together the Lego's. I know that it was all done by a group of men and women who actually design and build Lego's in their free time. A sort of club, but really elite. I'll look into it. Check back here a couple times and see if I've posted anything in the next few days.

    5. Fantastic, thanks so much ^_^. I'm from Poland, live in the states, and am currently in grad school. Would love more info on this piece for my research, so thanks for helping!

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